B'ura B'an

Twilek mine manager and gang member know as "B"

  • Status – LIVE
  • Alignment – Ally
  • Race – Twilek
  • Profession – Miner, gang member

Found n Trex’s cargo hold and imprisoned for later sale, the crew is now transporting him back to the mine he runs as payment for sanctuary and repairs to their stolen ship

“The captive appears old and frail, with pale blue skin and a single long, thin lekku coiling from the right side of his head. Where the left lekku would be is an ugly cauterized stump.”

“Well, I’ll try to keep my long story short. For some time now the rulers of Ryloth have been,
in my opinion, remiss about who they allow in on the planet’s Ryll mining industry, which you must understand is only barely legitimate in these days of Imperial dominance. For some time, bands of Aqualish thugs terrorized mining communities, forcing Twi’leks to work for scant reward and extorting all sorts of favors and resources from mines that might otherwise have prospered. I
banded together with some associates in order to protect New Meen, our most profitable mine,
from the thugs. For a while we held them off. Then they simply disappeared. We were relieved
at first, but soon learned that they had been killed in the process of some underworld take-
over. Shortly after that, bands of outsiders began to purchase land near the mines. They claimed
they were developing it, though we could tell they were there merely to spy on us and make
life difficult. A short while later, during a journey to Nabat, I was attacked by a band of rogues, in-cluding the Trandoshan who maimed and branded me before sealing me up in this cell.”

B'ura B'an

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