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  • Abstract Fuckpilot

    Stolen from Teemo the Hutt, the amnesiac droid is now swept along with a band of adventurers as they struggle to get through their latest job. He remembers nothing of his life before reactivation on Tatooine save his sympathy for the empire and scout …

  • Geyykazza

    Once a doctor in the clone wars, now he's haunted by the horrors he's seen and wanders the galaxy trying to save anyone he can, hoping he can save himself along the way. Now a serial drunkard he can often be found drinking himself into oblivion or …

  • Ufu'reo

    A bothan lawyer and longtime acquaintance of EV, Ufu'reo has had dealings with the criminal underclasses since he began his career, whether passing contracts to captains, talking people out of cells or just making the right introductions.

    He's been …

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