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  • B'ura B'an

    Found n Trex's cargo hold and imprisoned for later sale, the crew is now transporting him back to the mine he runs as payment for sanctuary and repairs to their stolen ship _

    "The captive appears old and frail, with pale blue skin and a single long, …

  • Geyykazza

    Once a doctor in the clone wars, now he's haunted by the horrors he's seen and wanders the galaxy trying to save anyone he can, hoping he can save himself along the way. Now a serial drunkard he can often be found drinking himself into oblivion or …

  • Dak Navin

    A longtime rogue, Dak has blown in and out of spaceports taking wallets, women and contraband as he saw fit, until one night his luck turned sour - something he insists to this day was a con - and he was forced to escape the system and seek out an old …

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