Edge of the Empire

Tatooine, Trex & Teemo the Hutt

First Session


This first one’s done from month-old memory so may be a little off and some names/items/etc have been replaced with whathisfaces and thingamajigs until I get hold of the book/sheets again…

Following the introductory plot included in the boxset, our crew arrived on Tatooine at the behest of a shady middle-man; hired to steal a dormant droid from the local crime-lord Teemo the Hutt and smuggle it quickly out of the system, they find themselves immediately on the run from the Hutt’s forces. The newly activated droid, an amnesiac Imperial scout(clearly with serious programming issues as it refers to itself as Abstract Fuckpilot) is dragged into the local cantina as the crew duck in to avoid Teemo’s Gamorrean patrols.

The Cantina

The crew scramble to hide amongst the denizens on the smoky cantina – the wookie leaps the bar, howling the barkeep into mute disbelief. Dak and EV stuff AP under a table and sit to play a quick hand with the gamblers either side whilst Ufu’reo posts up by the door, ducking into a shadowy recess.

  • The Gamorreans bowl into the bar, straight past Ufu’reo and out onto the floor. It kicks off for some forgotten reason, probably an argument about pig faces and things start happening pretty quickly.
  • Ufu’reo steps out of the shadows and, putting on his best authoritative voice, screams at the Gamorreans to drops their weapons as the rest of the crew opens fire, Geyykazza firing from behind the bar, Dak & EV from seated and AFP from beneath the table (although he’s not sure exactly why). Of the four Gamorreans, two remain and the third stops in his tracks when he hears what he thinks are orders from an officer.
  • One Gamorrean trades blows with the seated adventurers, tables are flipped, 3 innocent gamblers are cleaved apart and the booth quickly fills up with viscera until a final shot takes off the creatures face. Ufu’reo continues the barrage of orders and threats, keeping the final opponent guessing – Leave no witnesses – the rest of the crew open up and the final Gamorrean is caught with his pants down as he contemplates dropping his weapon, the indecision costs him his head.

  • After a chat with the barkeep in which they learn of a ship docked for repair the crew dust off, wipe away what gore they can and head back out into the thoroughfare, although not before Geyykazza surreptitiously pockets a bottle of a suspect, smoky blue liquid from under the bar.

The Macguffin

As they have infiltrated the market, bars and Teemo’s security on the sly, filtering into their positions through public transport, hitch-hiking and stowing away, the crew is now stranded without transport. There is, however, a suitable ship docked for repairs called the Krayt Fang. It’s owner, a slaver named Trex is still on board awaiting the part required to make his ship space-worthy, the Hyperspace Reactor Igniter. After a little deliberation it’s decided that the best course of action is to find the part, clear the launch and steal the ship. First stop, the mechanic.

  • Entering the shop the crew are greeted by Whatshisface, a surly old human, kicking and shouting at a droid that scurries away into the rear of the shop. The crew chat with him, at first asking to buy the part, then attempting to convince him that they are here on behalf of Trex himself to collect it. When he starts becoming suspicious Geyykazza throws a howling hissy-fit distraction like only a wookie can whilst Dak helps himself to the part from the shelf, replacing it with a similarly sized hunk of what appears to be scrap metal before they all hustle out and into the street.

Spaceport Control

They arrive to find the spaceport control centre guarded by droids at every entrance. Deciding to try his luck, Ufu’reo throws on a panicked expression and swaggers up to the front door waving the newly acquired part, a clipboard and shouts about being “late to fix the thing” before being swiftly waved through by the droid guardsmen.

  • Looking busy and holding a clipboard seems to be all the disguise he needs as he makes his way through the control centre and releases the docking clamps on the Krayt Fang, but mangles a workstation and sets off a few alarms in the process.
  • The crew, waiting by the back door see the lights, hear the sirens and then spot Ufu’reo sprinting across the clearing between the building and the throng of the market, waving his arms before they follow him at a leisurely walk.
  • Spotted by a squad of Stormtroopers who seem to be actively searching for them, their walk becomes a run and after ducking in and out of alleys and shopfronts they sneak their way through to the hanger at the far end of town.

The Krayt Fang

The hanger is staffed by a few security droids so finding their way to the ship is easy enough. They’re greeted at the ramp by Trex himself who leads a team he thinks to be the stations repair crew into the ship.

  • As they work their way toward the engine room Dak slips away and makes it to the cockpit without being spotted.
  • When they reach engineering Trex looks to each of them expectantly and it dawn on the crew that Dak still has the HRI, the jig is up and the situation quickly becoms a brawl.
  • Dak locks down the ship and begins pre-flight prep whilst the crew in engineering fight a brawl of attrition with the Trandoshan ship captain, after attempts to wrestle, stab, drug and concuss Trex they eventual settle for shooting him to pieces. He’s taken apart, chunk by chunk until he dies face-down in his own innards outside cargo bay 3.
  • The HRI is mounted, the ship takes off but is damaged in a fight with tie-fighters, called here by the storm troopers to bring them to justice. After destroying several fighters they emergency-jump out the sector and out of danger. For now.



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