Edge of the Empire

Accompanying miners

The second session


The emergency jump from Tattoine finds our adventurers powering down to thruster-speed as the ship starts to shake, sirens wail and lights start blinking all over the shop…bad Ufu’reoes. They slow to a crawl and take a minute to put out their various fires.

The Krayt Failing

After catching their breath the crew take turns decrypting and translating the ship’s UI and warning system and take stock of several immediate problems…

1. the smell – the ship reeks
2. the sound – sirens and a grunting, warbling howl permeate the ship at ear-splitting volume
3. low fuel – down to thrusters only
4. the transponder – something is transmitting, to whom?
5. the cage – something is on the ship

…before setting about solving them

1. Geyykazza and Fuckpilot find the source of the smell – it seems Trex had a taste for wookie flesh and after a brief rage Geyykazza and AP manage to flush the leftover pelts and offal out of an airlock and clear the majority of the smell through the air purifiers.
2. Dak meanwhile takes control in the bridge and manages to shut down the sirens and the grunting, which turned out to be a Trandoshan musical number that inexplicably resumed playing when they dropped out of hyperspace…these ol’ ships, eh
3. With nothing to be done about the fuel AP then scans the neighbouring systems and plots a course to Ryloth, the only planet in range…
4. …and whilst doing so manages to reduce the frequency with which the transponder seems to be transmitting, buying them roughly 90 minutes before who/whatever it is that’s picking it up will know where they are
5. Dak starts picking over Trex’s belongings, the commotion of which draws others from around the ship. Whilst divvying up the loot they hear a noise from inside the cargo hold, investigate and discover a prisoner named B’ura B’an, who they refer to as B

B outlines Trexs recent transgressions (wookie slavery, gladiatorial torture and murder) and tells his story – he’s part of an organisation of miners who are fighting to keep control of their mines as a shady organisation has moved into the area, wiping out the competition. He believes that this new group are controlled by the (relatively) local Hutts who are trying to muscle in on the valuable ryll trade.

The crew take him up on the offer of repair and respite in a nearby city and land at Nabat


B leads the adventurers through the market stalls of the underground mining town of Nabat. After a little shopping they arrive at a large steel door, a few codewords later the door opens and the crew are led into an open room with showers, kitchens, bunks…sanctuary.

  • Nyn Kablo, a good friend of B’s and the leader of the miners resistance greets you and brokers a deal for repair, restock and refueling – deliver B back to his men on the other side of the Rylothian bluffs.
  • During drinks and dinner a Twilek scout whispers with Nyn at the door, who relays their findings to you – a group of humans, lead by a Gand, have landed nearby and are asking questions, could be coincidence but it’s likely not, keep your eyes open!
  • After resting for the night you head to the speeder Nyn has provided and set off for the bluffs

The bluffs

Bundled into a speeder with their rescued cargo, the crew head out across the unforgiving surface of Ryloth toward B’s mine

  • As they approach the bluffs the terrain becomes more and more treacherous and EV slows down to maneuver through. Dak, on lookout, spots something strange – an insect like head pokes out from behind a rock and vanishes just as quickly – “Stop! Stop the car”
  • As the car slams to halt, a rock in front of the speeder detonates in a shower of sparks, a blaster rifle shot meant for the speeder itself! Heads start appearing on the bluff around the opening to cave that appears to run in to and under the mountain and call for surrender, claiming to be Empire officials – EV spots the lack of uniform, AP comments that Empire troops tend not to just open fire on civilian speeder – these aren’t empire troops
  • EV guns it and the attackers fire again, tearing a hole in the front of the speeder – it’s newfound momentum and sudden lack of lift drive the speeder into the ground scattering the crew – Geyykazza and B cling to the inside of the speeder. AP and Dak manage to roll out of it and into cover whilst EV and Ufu’reo are flung upon the jagged rocks surrounding them.
  • Everyone opens fire. As Ufu’reo runs to cover B, EV fires from the ground whilst crawling for cover, her shot connects with the soft tissue beneath the Gand’s jaw and tears his head clean off. Geyykazza rattles one of them when he hammers shots into the surrounding rocks and the majority of the survivors, rendered swiftly leaderless, take flight into the caves, firing over their shoulders. One man remains
  • Dak throws a pistol to Ufu’reo, who manages to get a shot off whilst fumbling, Dak however doesn’t let it hit the ground. Leaping, he catches it midflight and turns to fire on the remaining man savagely murdering the attackers hat
  • After another volley, the remaining man is driven from cover, drops his weapon and sprints for the cave. Before he gets too far, Ufu’reo howls after him “Stop where you are and we may let you live!” and he stumblers to a halt.
  • The crew gather round the cave entrance to interrogate the man
    – A crew of bounty hunters were dispatched by Teemo to retrieve Trex, the ship and your crew
    – It’s just business to him
    – There’s a speeder through the caves on the other side of the bluffs, probably where the runaway ambushers are heading now
  • Cuffed and pushed ahead, he now leads our adventurers as they steel themselves and head down in the darkness of the caves



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